Friday, April 19, 2013

Speakers' Presentations at the 21st-Annual Ohio Bigfoot Conference

Diane Stocking:

She based her presentation on the premise that not everything in the woods is Bigfoot-related. She discussed things like footprints, particularly the famous Honey Island Swamp Monster tracks, which are most likely alligator tracks. She discussed a track found by Todd Neiss which turned out to be an imprint from a rock. She also discussed the Skookum Cast and believes it to be an elk, or a hoax, or at the very least a misidentification. She also talked about tree breaks and tree twists and believes them to be weather-related.

Billy Willard:

Billy talked about Sasquatch Watch of Virginia, an organization started by his son Josh in 2005 and carried on by him. He discussed some of their field research as well as findings, and pointed out areas where they do their research. He also discussed the recent (at that time) American Bigfoot Society expedition there at Salt Fork State Park, which yielded some interesting results.

Don Keating:

Don, presenting for the first time at his own Conference, talked about recent happenings there at Salt Fork, as well as playing interesting sound clips recorded there. He also showed a clip of a video of a possible Sasquatch there at Salt Fork taken by Blue Tracker Dave.

All the presentations were great and very informative.